Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Notebooks: Fashion + Fun!

For years I carried a Rhodia sketch book everywhere I went. Although they were so good to me (I have stacks and stacks of them in my archives!) I now carry my beloved Moleskin. I love the simple black leather cover with the elastic strap and the weight of the paper is perfect! It is such a classic design.

Take a peak at some of my favorite notebooks in the market.

#1 Moleskin #2 Rhodia #3 Russel and Hazel #4 Kate Spade #5 Smythson of Bond Street #6 Exercise Book #7 Rewrite


Adam said...

Have you ever heard of the ones called Miquelrius? They are my new favorite. They come from Spain, you can get them at Sam Flax. They are very similar to Moleskine but they come in grided like rhodias, and they are soft and flexible (but with a VERY strong binding).

Adam said...

My favorite notebooks are by a company called Miquelrius. They're from Spain, you can buy them at Sam Flax. They are alot like Moleskine but they are very soft and flexible, with an amazingly strong binding (I had one for 2+ years thrown in my bag every day and the binding is still perfect.) They also come with gridded pages like a Rhodia.

thoughtfulday said...

Thanks Adam! I will put them in my next post!