Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Save the Dates!

Last week we sent out the save the dates. It felt so good to get those out, they were a lot of work! But to be honest I am having so much fun designing all of the little details for our wedding, that it doesn't really feel like work.

Because we are having a destination wedding, there was a ton of information that had to go into each booklet. Everything from the itinerary, travel and passport information, a brief on the resort and all of the festivities. Even a what to wear section, the resort we are having our event is pretty formal in the evening, so I needed to make people aware that they can't really rock flip-flops at any of the on-site restaurants.

I wanted to save money on the save the dates and splurge on the invites, so I just printed them out on our ink jet printer and my friend Emily helped sew them. Actually she did all of the sewing, I just sat and collated. I really wanted them to be informal, cheerful and whimsical. After all, it's going to be a fun, celebratory weekend with all of our closest friends and family. The invites will be much more formal, but still have a touch of playfulness.

top to bottom
• front booklet page to set the tone for the rest of the print collateral
• background patterns, used for the booklet backing and the envelope liners
• assembly line
• stitched booklets

{Images designed by Thoughtful Day}


elizabeth said...

OH MY !!! these are absolutely gorgeous! as a fellow DIY bride and invite designer I really appreciate how incredible these look. Keep up the good work!


nifty said...

I love them....:) very unique

Valery said...

Cute! I'm also getting married in Jamaica, next May at Round to see another Jamaica destination bride! Good luck and love the blog....

style-ish said...

Love your Save the dates! The colors are really pretty. I'm getting married in Jamaica also!