Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New York Magazine's Top 20 Reception Ideas

1. Avoid playing boring piano music during the cocktail hour.
2. Supplement the often-ignored wedding cake with passed desserts.
3. Transport your guests in style.
4. Even if you don’t normally, think like a foodie for one night.
5. Rent a photo booth.
6. Get creative with your tabletop d├ęcor—if not to flaunt originality, then to be a little more eco-friendly.
7. Serve quirky late-night snacks as guests exit your reception.
8. Plan a good coat-check strategy to avoid long queues blocking the entrance and
dampening first impressions.
9. Take a design risk and seat your guests at a few really long tables.
10. Make your guests the center of attention.
11. Get married at an unusual location.
12. If you’re giving favors, select gifts that won’t be immediately discarded.
13. Make boozing an elegant activity.
14. Showcase what you’re passionate about as part of the entertainment.
15. Get your favorite takeout place to cater your wedding.
16. If you can afford extravagances, do something that will elicit an emotional response.
17. Display seating assignments in a unique way.
18. Take your cue from Truman Capote and host a themed reception.
19. Make a cool video of the party.
20. Plan for after-hours action.

They go further into detail for each point, check out the rest of the article and other great wedding articles here.

{images by Jeni Holder}

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perfect bound said...

Good list that I must have missed in NY MAg. My favorite is 11. One too many country clubs has put me over the edge.