Thursday, February 14, 2008

Learning To Love You More

Just recently a friend showed me the book Learning to Love you More. I had been aware of the project created by the artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher and was excited to find out they published a book, compiling all of the lovely, happy and sad stories of people from around the world completing the assignments created by the authors. Some of the assignments are silly and fun, while others are more thought provoking and sad, all of which will help you build a greater sense of self. Some of my favorite assignments are:

#6 - Make a poster of shadows.
#25 - Make a video of someone dancing.
#35 - Ask your family to describe what you do.
#45 - Reread your favorite book from the 5th grade.
#53 - Give advice to yourself in the past.
#63- Describe your ideal government.

Here is a link to the Oliver family, they created a blog documenting the completion of their assignments.

{images from Learning to Love You More}


jessica said...

this book would make a great valentines day present. what a really thoughtful project. it has lasting value! we all have to "learn" a bit about loving, dont we :) ?

mossy said...

This sounds like such an amazing book, especially since Miranda July was involved! She did such a good job with her movie "You and me and everyone we know." A few years ago I re-read my favorite book from 4th grade, The Little Prince, and it was so poignant to rediscover it. I highly recommend the 5th-grade-book assignment to anyone!