Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fresh Bouquets from NY Weddings

Takashimaya New York

David Stark

Designer's Co-op

Flowers of the World

The most recent New York Weddings is a wonderful read. I just had to share some of my favorite bouquets featured in the issue. I absolutely love when designers incorporate fresh fruit into a bouquet like the top one from Takashimaya with the fresh raspberries and I had never seen tea herbs in a bouquet like the daisies with fresh chamomile by the Designer's Co-op, which happens to be my favorite type of tea. Something of which I have been drinking a lot of recently to help me get over my early Spring cold.

{All images from New York Weddings}


Allison aka HaselBride said...

Oooh, love NY Weddings. Is there a newer issue than the Winter 2008? I bought that via ebay, but I'm hoping to buy the newer issues through New York's store.

thoughtfulday said...

hi allison, yes there is a new summer 08 special issue that just came out. it is great! go and get it!

CircleALine said...

I loooove the Takashimaya bouquet.