Monday, March 17, 2008

taking a break this week

I have decided to take a break from blogging this week, we have 54 days left until the wedding and I have a lot of wedding things to take care of. Surprisingly, I haven't been that stressed, but it will be good to just focus this week and get a lot done. The biggest thing is paperwork and now going in to fine tune all of the little details. As the wedding draws near, the more and more excited I get! The response cards have slowly been trickling in, and a lot more people are coming to our wedding in Jamaica that we thought would, it is going to be such an amazing celebration! Thanks and I will be back to posting next week. I also look forward to sharing our invites with you as well as some of the other weddings I have been working on. xoxo Erica


Susan said...

Good luck! Destination weddings are tricking - I know twice as many people are coming to mine as originally thought...just remember to breathe!

jessica lynn said...

I'm taking a break from blogging this week too! i hope you find it relaxing!

Valery said...

We also have twice as many people joining us at our DW (also in Jamaica) then we anticipated. Almost 150!! It is giving me minor anxiety but I am of course thrilled they will be joining us. Good luck and can't wait to see more details!