Monday, July 14, 2008

Food + Flower + Style

I came across Food + Flower + Style this weekend through A Cup Of Joe and I am so glad I did. Their site has so many fun and creative diy kits to aid in throwing a festive and stylish party or a great reference for anyone to grab inspiration from! They have their bases covered with food, flowers and decor, so be sure to check out their website. They even have flower classes and will print your own custom designed fabric! The above banner kit is such a cute and cost effective way to decorate a celebratory event, it would also be incredibly easy to make yourself; some pinking shears, fabric and string...

These sunburst balloons are fantastic and prove that balloons don't have to be just for kids!

After inquiring about what kind of flowers these were, Anna from Food + Flower + Style sent this step by step process on how to achieve this gorgeous arrangement:

The flowers are a mass of tulips photographed from a birds eye view. They're actually really easy to arrange just start by making almost a fan shape with all of the tulips that bend left on one side, those that are straight in the center and then the ones that bend to the right next to them. Next keep placing row after row in that order. Finally gather them all together in your hands and slip a rubber band around the stems. Trim stems and place in a container. Voila the easiest arrangement in the world!

Thanks Anna!

{images from food + flower + style via a cup of joe}


Fifi Flowers said...

that is a beautiful flower... what is it?

SassySouth said...

Great find! I love the balloon flower!