Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Martha Stewart at Walmart

Last night as I was watching tv and a Martha Stewart wedding commercial came on and I was shocked to see her selling wedding designs at Walmart. Have I been living under a rock? Looking over everything, you just can't beat the prices and if not the best fit for your wedding, some of these items would be great for a bridal shower or luncheon. I love the eyelet pattern lanterns!

{images from martha stewart at walmart

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Valances said...

Wow, so now we got this "rumor" of Martha Stewart selling her things at Walmart? To be honest, Martha Stewart is too big a name to stick with a company that is falling apart (=K Mart). If she decides to move to Walmart, it will be a good move for her enterprise, but it will also be great for consumers who mostly shop at Walmart anyway. I'm no fan of Walmart, most of their items are low quality items, but let's face it, this is a real and practical move on her part.