Monday, October 27, 2008

Elsje Designs: Gorgeous!

Elsje Designs has some of the most beautiful wedding designs and styling I have seen to date. They are located in South Africa, so if you happen to be in that part of the world you are lucky! I am so impressed by the scope of their work, they offer a little bit of everything including calligraphy!

{photos by elsje designs via set design thinking}


An Atlanta Bride said...

Yes...gorgeous indeed!

karey m. said...

ok. i've just spent about 15 minutes on their site {and yours!} i don't know if i should exactly THANK you for showing me this!

oh...ok...thanks. now, i must get back to elsje.

Lindsay said...

i like the labels on the bottlecaps - might do something like that for my big day which is coming up. i found a site ( )
they seem pretty decent actually
went on elsje too - fantastic site. it is addictive, and just the way its designed is beautiful
thanks for posting! :)