Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Customize Your Table

Through Shapeways you can customize your own napkin rings or LED light holders through just a few simple steps on their website. You can pick your own font and send in a favorite saying or even an announcement and voila, your very own customized object!

Napkin ring holders range from $7-10 and Light Poems range from $90-110. All prices include shipping.

{photos from shapeways via style files}


Bridechka said...

So cool! I love this idea!

Susan said...

Anyone know how much they run? I had to sign-up to even view the items and it is "under review". Thanks!

Blablover5 said...

Those are cool. Can you do some fun designs as well?

thoughtfulday said...

Hi Susan,

I just posted the prices: napkin ring holders range from $7-10 and light poems range from $90-110. Prices include shipping.

thoughtfulday said...

Hey Blablover,

For customizing your design in the two categories that I posted about, you can pick the font from the many they have listed and use your own wording. As far as coming up with your own design, I do not think you can do that with the napking ring holder or light poem.

CircleALine said...