Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amble Through Bramble

Amble through Bramble is the blossoming creation of Morgan Levine, a Brooklyn craft maker and designer of gorgeous flowers. Each flower is hand made out of crepe paper (can you believe it? they look real!), hand cut and assembled to become gorgeous flowers, that would make the perfect accessory!

Morgan will be on the Martha Stewart Show today making these beautiful creations.

{photos from amble through bramble}


Teresa said...

What fun! Perhaps a white one for the bride and a different color for each BM?

lovelymorning said...

whoa. pretty!

when do we get to see your new invites!!!!

thoughtful day said...

By the end of this month!

Once A Bride said...

These are so pretty...and different!

Barbara said...

Just watched you make Magnolias today. Magnificent, looking so real. I cannot raise my favorite flowers here (MN) & these are so real looking. You have inspired me. May want to order from you if I can't make I am Bookmarking your website. TY & Martha Stewart for your creative