Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jenna & Jon at The Bride's Guide!

I am sure by now most of you have seen some of the amazing details of Jenna's (lovely and talented calligrapher) wedding on 100 Layer Cake. Well since last week, Jenna and her fiance Jon have been posting their daily pre-wedding adventures and jitters on Martha Stewart's The Bride's Guide. I have known Jenna for almost the last 10 years and their wedding is going to be such a true reflection of the awesome and insanely creative couple that they are. It has been so much fun to hear (and be a part of) all of the little and big details that will be part of their wedding day. I designed their wedding invitations, which was a huge honor for me considering Jenna's talents in the visual department! Their invitation details are under wraps as their wedding will be featured in an issue of MS Weddings sometime next year! Jenna and Jon have truly made their wedding a collaborative effort amongst their friends and family. So check out their daily ventures over at Martha for the next 11 days - it will surely make you smile at the excitement they both share for their wedding day.

{images from the bride's guide}


Alexis Givens said...

Hi! I work with Regan and MS and just wanted to tell you that #1) I love your new invitation line.
#2)Thanks for the shout out about the Bride's Guide! I'm blogging about planning my own destination wedding in Colorado on the Bride's Guide. Thanks for mentioning us and congrats on your new line...totally gorgeous!

thoughtful day said...

Hey Alexis, Congrats - I look forward to reading about your wedding!

Rebecca said...

yayy for Jenna! how exciting!