Friday, February 12, 2010

Threaded Grain

I LOVE these brooches by Noshii! Simple shapes with lovely threaded color make for a perfect combination.

Have a love filled weekend!

{photos from Noshii}


~Ivy~ said...

I agree!
Hello, my name is Ivy. I found you through Monica. She was my 'mom' at the Kappa house. We found each other on fb and have kept in touch with fun posts to one another.
I am so glad she shared your blog with me. I am brewing my coffee now and I am going to take a little me time and read your inspirations!

(my word verf. is atedip...I like dip and I ate it!)

Momichka said...

wow, these brooches are very creative!! i'd love to see them on an outfit.

noshii said...

i appreciate the mention!!!