Monday, June 7, 2010

A Seasoned Topper

It's no secret that I think vintage salt and pepper shakers make the perfect cake toppers (see here & here & here - geesh, I'm obsessed! ). If I told you how often I search for these little gems, well, it'd be embarrassing. I just really think thoughtfully paired salt and pepper shakers are the cutest things ever. So here are a few (more than a few I guess) of my favorites from my latest Etsy search. Enjoy!

in order - top to bottom
the vintage cabin
millie girl vintage
salt and pepper mania
the lovelys
86 vintage


María said...

Me encantan los saleros. ¡Qué casualidad! Yo también escribí sobre ellos. ;)

wende said...

Thank you so much for featuring my little salt and pepper shakers. They just sold and will be on someone's wedding cake. Which is so cool! Thanks again!

Rebecca - Lamps said...

hi.These looks nice. pictures is also good Thanks.

elizabeth said...

Adorable! I like "Salty" and "Peppy" at the top. The shakers in the second photo were in an episode of the t.v. show Bones!