Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bridal Shower: Newlywed Game

I have to admit, I am not one for games and definitely do not like being the center of attention, but being a bride you have to get over the latter pretty quickly. At my bridal shower Patrick's family put together a list of questions, just like the Newlywed Game and it was so much fun! Here are the questions I was asked, I ended up scoring 12/20 - I think the score was pretty tough on me, (we have been together 7 years, I know him pretty well by now) considering a couple of Patrick's answers ended with question marks! Regardless, it was so much fun to answer the questions and hear what his answers were.

1) What is my favorite color?

2) What is his favorite color?

3) My best non-physical feature?

4) His best non-physical feature?

5) She finds my ____ very attractive.

6) She looks really sexy in ____.

7) She finds me irresistible when I wear ____.

8) Our favorite restaurant is ____.

9) It really annoys me when she ____.

10) She really gets annoyed when I ____.

11) Our first date was ____.

12) Where was your first kiss?

13) Who initiated it?

14) The first gift I ever gave her was?

15) The first gift she ever gave me was?

16) Where is the most unusual place you shared a romantic moment? - (this made me squirm in my seat!)

17) Most special/romantic memory so far is ____.

18) I knew I loved her when ____.

19) We want to have ____ kid (number and gender) and soon or not quite so soon?

20) The reason I can't wait to marry her is?


littlewinterbride said...

this is so cute and clever thing to do at a shower!

Broke-ass Bride said...

I posted a link to this on my blog and on weddingbee today!