Friday, June 13, 2008

California Ranch Wedding

Our friends, Terese and Tom just got married at his family ranch near Santa Barbara on May 25. I can't get over how gorgeous their wedding photos are, all shot by the incredibly talented Nancy Neil.

Here are more details of their day:

Location of Wedding: El Chorro Ranch located in Lompoc, California (just north of Santa Barbara).

My husband's family ranch:
In March 2006, the Isaacson Family, California Rangeland Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Board secured a conservation easement on the 817-acre El Chorro Ranch.The conservation easement fulfills the desire of Esther Isaacson and her sons Bill, Deming and Bob to keep the land as a working cattle ranch in perpetuity.The Isaacson family purchased the scenic ranch at a public auction held on the steps of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in 1939. Located along Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, the El Chorro Ranch possesses unique grazing, farming and ranching resources; remarkable wildlife habitat; and rich oak woodland and riparian areas.The project is one of several collaborative projects between California Rangeland Trust and the Land Trust of Santa Barbara County.

{photos by Nancy Neil}


Unknown said...

I am looking for a ranch setting to have my wedding. Would El Chorro be a possibility? Is there a way to contact them?

Joyce B. said...

We are looking for a beautiful location for our daughter's wedding and reception and would love to find out more on El Chorro Ranch. How can I get in touch with them? Thanks!

Joyce B.

allhuntrich said...

This post was written soooo long ago, but because I am desperate I thought I'd try anyway. Here's my situation: I recently got engaged and tentatively scheduled the ceremony for September 22nd - that's only 7 months away! Besides the fact that I can barely plan a picnic, let alone a wedding, my grandmother's health has been declining so I need to find a venue asap. David and I have been looking for awhile now, but haven't found something with oak trees that can accommodate at least a dozen couples staying overnight. We're hoping for a place that is unique, (not exclusively a vineyard, golf course, winery, or resort) but still offers the amenities and conveyance that you'd expect from your typical wedding venue. When we came across pics of the El Chorro Ranch, we immediately and whole-heartedly agreed that that is the place where we want to be married. At this point, I have no contact details, but if anyone has any other information or suggestions for a similar place, I would be most appreciative. I'm not sure anyone will receive such a late response, so in the very least I thank the cosmos for listening to my request.