Tuesday, June 10, 2008

design by Enise

Right before the wedding, I was on the hunt for earrings. I hadn't really put much thought into them and didn't want to spend a lot of $. Luckily, I came across design by Enise while browsing through Bloomingdales a few days before we left for the wedding and found her stuff to be gorgeous in person and very affordable. I didn't actually end up wearing the bottom pair of earrings as my sister gave me a pair of diamond earrings the day of our wedding as a surprise, but nonetheless, if you are looking for affordable earrings, Enise is great. Unfortunately her website doesn't show all of her great and affordable designs, but if you happen to be near the Bloomingdales in midtown this week, check out her stuff. She will be there personally until Thursday 6/12 selling her jewelry.

{images from design by enise and thoughtful day}

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Tia said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was just there yesterday -- not sure how I missed her. Hunting for the perfect earrings.