Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When in Paris...

It is not a successful trip to Paris without gaining a pound or two, right? Patrick and I ate more macarons, salted chocolate caramels and crepes than two people should ever be allowed to consume over a 5 day period. When in Rome applies to Paris too!

One of our favorite stops, in St. Germain, was GĂ©rard Mulot. Macarons, so light, airy and just sweet enough, perfectly melted in our mouths. The same for their salted caramels. Luckily we are still enjoying those back home in Brooklyn, chocolate keeps better than pastries.

One of the nights we were there, we splurged and spoiled ourselves in a decadent dinner at Joel Robuchon. Above is a photo of the insane dessert we had, the photos do not do it justice, but I hope you can see the gold dust that was scattered all over the plate and spoon. It was amazing and a great little note to end on.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully a long weekend. I will be back to posting every day next week.

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Crissy said...

When my hubby and I go to Europe (Paris included, of course) we permit ourselves to eat whatever we want!!

We planned ahead for our last trip though, and lost a few pounds in advance ... that way, if we gained a few from all the delicious Euro-foods and treats, no biggie - we'd end up back where we started! :D