Monday, January 19, 2009

The Amazing El Chorro Ranch

Do you remember this gorgeous ranch wedding I posted about last June? It turns out the couple are starting to rent out the ranch for weddings, photo/film shoots, and events. The ranch is located in Lompoc, California (just north of Santa Barbara). It would be the perfect rustic chic setting for a breathtaking celebration.

For any inquiries, please email Terese and Tom:

Here is a brief history of the ranch:
In March 2006, the Isaacson Family, California Rangeland Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Board secured a conservation easement on the 817-acre El Chorro Ranch.The conservation easement fulfills the desire of Esther Isaacson and her sons Bill, Deming and Bob to keep the land as a working cattle ranch in perpetuity.The Isaacson family purchased the scenic ranch at a public auction held on the steps of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in 1939. Located along Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, the El Chorro Ranch possesses unique grazing, farming and ranching resources; remarkable wildlife habitat; and rich oak woodland and riparian areas. The project is one of several collaborative projects between California Rangeland Trust and the Land Trust of Santa Barbara County.

{photos by Nancy Neil}