Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hannah Clark

Jeweler Hannah Clark has created a beautiful assortment of handmade bohemian jewelry. Most of the hand crafting is done in her little gem of a shop located in the East Village. Along with her own designs, the shop has a carefully curated mix of both vintage and new jewelry. A great place if you want to get custom rings made or an original piece for your bridesmaids.

{images from Hannah Clark}

Incredible Invite!

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs I came across one of the most amazing wedding invite booklets I have ever seen, designed by Masuga. So much time, thought and energy went into this. I love how personal it is, such a beautiful and thoughtful way to be invited to a wedding.

{images from Masuga}

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marie Torbensdatter Hermann

I love the work of Marie Torbensdatter Hermann, her shapes and use of color appear to be very minimal and subtle, but when put in an installation like the top image, the scattered repetition of color, shape and height is nothing but beautiful.

{images from Matin Gallery}

Heart Shaped

A cute little heart shaped teacup could be a sweet little Valentine's Day gift...It is not so much my style, but I thought it was share/gift worthy.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I love the colors (especially the yellow!) and styles of the new J.Crew bridesmaid's dresses. I ordered my bridesmaid's dresses right after the New Year and was heartbroken I didn't wait a week longer to see the new dresses from J.Crew. Through some sweat, luckily no tears, I was able to cancel the dresses, and order the J.Crew ones, I am so relieved! I absolutely love the ready to wear aspect of their party dress suite and the fact that it is super convenient and easy to place orders.

{images from J.Crew}

Handmade By Alys

These little flower packets by Handmade By Alys are adorable. I'm not sure if they do indeed have flower seeds, either way they're a really cute way to incorporate your theme onto a favor.

Check out her work, I love her illustration style.

{images from Handmade By Alys}