Friday, October 16, 2009

Pure Love

I just had to pop in to give a major congratulations to Joanna Goddard. Her and her lovely husband Alex got married at the end of the summer and finally her photos (shot by the Max Wanger) have emerged and they are absolutely gorgeous! Every little detail from their wedding is just perfect. But most importantly, don't Joanna and Alex look so happy and in love? That is what makes this wedding so gorgeous!

Congrats Joanna & Alex!

{photo credits to the amazing max wanger via a cup of jo}


I will be back on the blog more next week. The last couple of weeks I have been moving my design studio out of our apartment and into a new studio which has been very exciting but a lot of work! And just in the nick of time, I think Lyla will be crawling soon!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! All I want to do this weekend is sleep, lay around with Lyla and Patrick, wear warm socks, and drink hot cocoa.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Cuddly Illustration

I could just squeeze these little characters, they are so cute! Don't you just want to eat them?

On a side note, yesterday I showed Lyla a teddy bear that was the size of her and she had a full on belly laugh for almost 10 minutes. She loved it! It was almost like she related to it. Then she wanted to eat it. I need to get her one stat!

{photos from haciendo el indio}

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Pedestal for Your Cupcake

Aren't these cupcake stands just precious? I love that you can customize them. What a perfect little gift!

{photos from vessels and wares}