Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Ring Pillow

I just had to share our ring bearer pillow. Vané surprisingly made the pillow for me, literally less than a handful of days before her wedding! She used some of the leftover Hable Construction fabric she had for her vases. I then tufted it with one of my vintage buttons and some Mokuba ribbon. It was my first tufting job and it was so easy, took me less than 5 minutes!

I haven't been posting many details of our wedding because I want to surprise all of our guests, so this is it until after the wedding. I will be back a few more times throughout the next week and then I am off to Jamaica to get married! I can't believe it is finally happening!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Vané and Chad's Wedding

{clockwise - st. ann's armenian church, program, vané and her father, vané and chad married}

{view from cocktail hour, cocktail hour buffet station, me, vané and anne}

{guest book station with pin favors, detail of the cake with cake topper, me and patrick at the photo booth}

(the bride and groom's table, vané and her father dancing the tango, favors, flowers}

This weekend Patrick and I attended Vané and Chad's wedding, it was a gorgeous and extremely personal affair. There were so many personal (and amazing!) touches throughout the wedding, but at the end of the day, looking back at the event it was not just about these touches but more so about Chad and Vané as a cool and fun couple and their wedding totally reflected that. It was FUN!, from the start to the end of the reception, there was a fantastic energy and any given time the dance floor was packed. From Vané and Chad's first dance to her dance with her dad to the Tango! I do not recall her ever mentioning once she had an inner tango queen living inside of her, I really couldn't believe my eyes! She and her dad had moves that I swear they must have been practicing for months, but she made it quite clear she was total natural! Then with Vané being Armenian, many of her family and friends danced to traditional Armenian songs, which was so much fun to see. During dinner, we sat with another friend Anne and her fiancé Tom, which was so fun to talk about our upcoming nuptials ( At least Anne and I thought so :), ours in 12 days and theirs next Fall. I won't go into too many details about the reception as it is only fitting that Vané will. But I will say this, in the end it was such a personal event, Vané's blog throughout the past year has proven to be such a great reference and inspiration tool for all of us brides and she truly pulled off a wedding that reflected all of her energy towards the blog. Lucky for me I have made great friends out of this wedding blog world, and it has been so much fun to experience all of our planning inspiration, advice and "problem solving" together!

Be sure to check out Anne's blog for more photos of Vané and Chad's wedding.

{images from thoughtful day}