Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little break

I've been a very bad blogger lately. As many of you know, we just bought an apt. here in Brooklyn and are doing some pretty fun renovations to it. Plus I have my stationery business, and most importantly I'm a mom, oh and a wife too! Needless to say, we have lots going on. The above photos are just a preview of the renovations I'm "project managing". I have to admit, it's a lot of fun and I feel very, very fortunate that we get to make a home truly ours. Picking out hardware, lighting, paint colors, and every other little detail that goes into a home is a lot of fun to do as husband and wife. And well, a bit frustrating at times too. Throughout our process, and I imagine the same is true for most couples, you really get to see a side of one another you hadn't seen before. Patrick and I were both surprised at how many opinions he has when it comes to faucets, sinks, lighting fixtures, etc. And I never knew he had such a passion for farmhouse sinks and recessed lighting. When it comes to kitchen hardware, he never knew I was a pull girl, meanwhile, I never knew he was a knob guy, and so forth.

So with all of this said, I'm taking a little break over the next month from blogging. I don't think I shared with you all that Lyla started walking at 10 months! So much fun! She walks around like a little frankenstein in a pinball machine. If you can visualize that description, you'll get that she's pretty cute walking around (and a bit wobbly too). But she's getting better and more stable. Today I think she was trying to run in place (she seriously is nonstop). Girlfriend has more energy than I've ever seen before in my life! She turns 1 year in less than a month! I can't believe how fast this year has gone. It is insane. So when I come back I'd like to have a few dedicated posts to my little Lyla Belle.

Oh and I'm in the process of updating my website too. I had an amazing photoshoot last week for all of the invitations & projects I've worked on in the last 8 months - I can't wait to share more details!

Until then, take care and thank you all for visiting my blog!