Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweetness at Starbucks


Thanks Joanna!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dazzling Jewels For Your Ladies

The new Lady Marmalade collection at Kate Spade would make the perfect bridal party gift. I adore the little gift box this collection comes in!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

{photos from kate spade}

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Upgrade Your Milk Jar

I am obsessed with these engraved and gilded milk jars by Thomas Kral. I have always loved flower arrangements set in vintage milk jars, but these gilded ones bring them to a whole-nother level.

{photos from dezeen}

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beautiful Paper

Nole of Beautiful Paper posted my wedding invites today on her lovely blog. Beautiful Paper is one of my favorite blogs featuring, what else, tons of beautiful paper designs! Thank you so much Nole!

{photo from thoughtful day}

Something Old...

Cherished online has an amazing selection of vintage bridal gowns and accessories. I especially love these hair pieces and crowns, they are so glamorous.

{photos from cherished}

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Perfect Evening Dress

This past weekend I went to a wedding after party and the bride was wearing this dress from Dior. Lately I have been obsessed with short wedding dresses and this one was just perfect, especially for an evening wedding.

A great idea...

The offsite wedding after party is such a good idea if you want to have a really small wedding and reception or can't afford to invite all of your friends. It is a total win win situation, you get to spend quality time with all of your family, and then continue to celebrate with all of your friends after the dinner!

{photo from dior}

Note to Self: Passport

Just a little heads up for all of you that will change your name on your passport...

A few weeks ago I changed my name on my passport and had to get it expedited. When I applied I had to send in my official marriage license and birth certificate. I was worried about sending in original copies, but because I am leaving for a trip in early November I didn't want to slow down the process by sending in a copy, just in case they didn't accept it. So I went for the 14 day expedite, it arrived no more than four days later (which I was so happy about). But to my horror, they only sent the passport and not my marriage license or b.c. which I became very paranoid about! But then I read that they send the documents separate from your passport, and about a week later I received them both, thankfully! I was a bit nervous as you can imagine. If you only have one marriage license and birth certificate, prior to applying for your new passport I would apply for official copies to ease your mind and send in those. Luckily, everything worked out for me, but it wasn't fun to worry throughout the week about possibly not getting them back!!!! Just thought I would share my little experience with you all.