Sunday, November 11, 2007

Candy Stripes & Ribbons

Lately I have been obsessed with ribbons, mostly because I am candy striping some of our floral arrangements and bouquets with yellow and grey ribbons. I know it sounds tacky, but it will be beautiful! So I started to search for objects and art inspired from ribbons and stripes. Below are some of the images I came across.

fyi - bklynbride has some really great posts about where to find ribbons in the NYC area.

The iconic Cappellini Rainbow chair and Kosta Boda's Cyklon vase.

These Tracy Glover vases would be perfect bridal party gifts!

I love the Sweater lamp by Egawa + Zbryk.

In my search I came across this gorgeous Gayle Garner Roski watercolor painting.

I love Ed Ruscha's Lisp painting.

What a perfect wedding favor treat, custom colored Ribbon Candy!

The search wouldn't be complete without Frank Gehry's iconic Wiggle chair.

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alice said...

Check out this giftwrap:

I saw it this weekend and I think it's a really great holiday pattern because it's so non-traditional and traditional at the same time.