Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bird Love

I love these bird photos by Leila Jeffreys. Her life has been full of travel and a deep love for animals which she shared with her family. She really brings to life the personalities of these birds through these loving and charming photographs.

I'm excited to see Jonathan Adler is starting to show and sell her photographs in their stores. I'm looking forward to checking these out in person!

{all photos copyright of leila jeffreys}


Unknown said...

those photos and that bird is gorgeous. what a beautiful series.

mandyface said...

These are pretty, I love coloring!

vane said...

we based a room for a client on one of those birds :)

Momichka said...

Amazing photos!
I used to have the exact same bird, so this was a lovely reminder of my former pet who gave us years of joy.
Thanks for sharing these!!

Unknown said...

Great photos! What beautiful birds!

Kelly said...

This is one of those times when I am completely awe of the beautiful colors in nature. Those blues are incredible!