Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Purple Power

Lyla's favorite color is purple. It's funny because, while I've never disliked purple, it's never been a favorite color of mine. Don't get me wrong I like it, but Lyla loves it. So I bought her all purple bedding and accent pillows.

I went with Serena & Lily's Delphine Duvet (It's on sale right now!) and their Heather Bloom pillow as the base.

I bought the purple Pillow Pal by Blabla (we've been fans of them for a long time). It's super cute.

Possibly one of my favorite purchases for Lyla recently was the purple robot pillow. Leading up to Christmas, all Lyla wanted was a robot. I'm not sure where she got that from but she told everyone she wanted Santa to bring her a robot. The last thing I wanted to buy her was some cheap, plastic, annoying thing that makes noise, lights up and will break after a week. So I started researching robots and found this wonderful brand called Kauzbots. Every robot has a cause and dedicates 10% of the sales price to their particular cause. Kourage, the purple robot, supports childhood cancer. Lyla loves it, and it's absolutely adorable and comes with a little pink heart that fits in it's back pocket. I highly recommend these robots, they are a great price with a great cause. A wonderful gift for future occasions.

{photos top to bottom}
top two photos from serena and lily
pillow pal from land of nod
robot from kauzbots

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Ann said...

Love that pillow,so cute!